Story of the Survivor : Prisoner

Story of the Survivor Prisoner is an action RPG that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. The world is dead and now there is no one to stop you from escaping the Prison…. or is it? Follow the story of Steve and his prison mates as they try to make their way to freedom.

Release Date : 20 September

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Story of the Survivor UPDATE 1.4

Story of the Survivor

Update 1.4

What has been added:

– Redesigned Brute Skill System (Destroying Vending Machines)

– Redesigned Lockpicking System

– Redesigned States communiactes (No more annoying messages)

– Redesigned Picking up system

– Redesigned Inventory Sorting

– Redesigned Hunger, Thrist, Alkohol System

– Redesinged Weapons (Some of them now have blow power,
Automatic Guns now acts like Automatics not pistols, New Sniper MODE)

– New Cutscene to Barkam City

– Secret Skill for Julie

– Might Skill to increase your MP

What has been fixed:
– Might is more useful now.

– Few Text Messages

– Farm Cutscene

– Scripts Errors Problems

– All AUDIO/SE now is in .ogg format for better Windows 10 Support

– And many more…

Also DLC premiere is planned for next week.

Stay Tuned!

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Story of the Survivor Update 1.1

What has been added ?

– WASD Controls (E – Key for interaction, R- Key for time check)
– Bullets animations for guns.
– Blood animation when you shoot the zombie out.
– Better shadows for characters.
– Non-random bottles of water in many places.
– Better quests translating.
– New HUD for current playable character.
And many more fixes..

What’s next ?

– Game Walkthrough on Youtube Channel.
– Trading Cards (45% are done).
– New DLC for game featuring New Characters, Maps and Story.

See ya
next time!

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