Story of the Survivor UPDATE 1.4

Story of the Survivor

Update 1.4

What has been added:

– Redesigned Brute Skill System (Destroying Vending Machines)

– Redesigned Lockpicking System

– Redesigned States communiactes (No more annoying messages)

– Redesigned Picking up system

– Redesigned Inventory Sorting

– Redesigned Hunger, Thrist, Alkohol System

– Redesinged Weapons (Some of them now have blow power,
Automatic Guns now acts like Automatics not pistols, New Sniper MODE)

– New Cutscene to Barkam City

– Secret Skill for Julie

– Might Skill to increase your MP

What has been fixed:
– Might is more useful now.

– Few Text Messages

– Farm Cutscene

– Scripts Errors Problems

– All AUDIO/SE now is in .ogg format for better Windows 10 Support

– And many more…

Also DLC premiere is planned for next week.

Stay Tuned!

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